Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Labor Day Is Back By Popular Demand

The Tyson chicken plant in Shelbyville, Tennessee and the workers' union have reconsidered their hare-brained decision to drop Labor Day as a paid holidav in favor of the muslim holiday of Eid for Ramadan -- public pressure worked!

This year they will get both as holidays, i.e. a total of nine instead of their usual eight, as a bonus for this glitch.

Next year they revert to the normal 7 standard holidays (including Labor Day) plus an 8th day that used to be the worker's birthday but now can be any "personal day", allowing the muslims to take Eid if they desire without forcing it on everyone else and taking away a true American labor holiday -- which makes perfect sense!

It turns out the city mayor, the county mayor, a State Democrat representative and a State Republican senator all wrote a letter to Tyson strongly suggesting they change course:
After thinking about the issue, [County Mayor Eugene] Ray said because Tyson Foods is a private enterprise, he couldn't tell them what to do, "but I didn't think it was a good thing to do as a business."

But then, Ray began to receive a series of calls asking "what in the world is taking place," he said, relating that the callers thought Tyson's actions "were a bad thing," although Ray said callers expressed it more forcefully.

"I think Tyson needs to go back and reconsider this," Ray said. "They need to sit down and renegotiate this. They had honorable intentions to try to do something for the plant, but it's a mistake."

Ray said that a majority of the people Tyson serves "are upset with it."

Interestingly, reading the comments to this report at the Shelbyville Times-Gazette, it seems many locals still want Tyson run out of town.


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