Thursday, April 24, 2008

No Starvation For Biofuel!

Temperatures aren't rising, they're falling -- as CO2 rises!

Note even then, the scale of CO2 on the right doesn't start at zero, so what looks like a "tripling" in CO2 is really more like a 6% rise. But still there's obviously no correlation between temperature and CO2.

A roundup of stories about eco-vanity leading to people starving to death, such as this one:
And frankly, to hear people who are so wealthy that they’re clinically obese from excess food and leisure time yammering on about what kind of light-bulbs they use, while other people are literally starving to death… It’s beyond bizarre. It speaks to a frightening level of self-deception that seemingly intelligent folks engage in en masse.
More good points from that original story:
Most global warming activists don't really care about people being fed or preventing malaria. If that's what they were concerned about they would focus on that. Trying to address world hunger by worrying about CO2 levels is about as direct as trying to become a famous actor by waiting tables in a Hollywood restaurant, (actually that may be a little too pessimistic but you get the picture).

The "science" of global warming is nothing more than a cover for their irrational emotional needs. It's religion for people who are too cool to go to church. All that yearning, the need for something bigger, transcendent: Hey the planet's heating up and I've been placed here to save it!

When Al Gore says, "The Earth has a fever," no one calls him on his cartoon personification -- as if the Earth has a temperature it prefers.
To borrow a phrase, (as I have liberally in this post), from the brilliant statistician and eco-philosopher, Bjorn Lomborg, visualize the people living on Earth 100 years from now. Let's imagine that they can reach back in time and speak to us, give us some feedback on the world we'll be leaving them. What do you think they'd ask us to focus on? Where would they have us concentrate our scarce time and energy?

A world in which hunger and AIDS have been eradicated or a world where the sea level is 6 inches lower?

A world free of Jihad where everyone lives under some form of representative democracy, or a world that is 2.1 degrees cooler in the months between October and March?

A world with 10% more polar bear habitat or a world where even the poorest or the poor have clean water and a sanitary place to go to the bathroom?

These are our choices.
And in a scathing indictment of green vanity,
"No Blood for Oil” is a spurious rallying cry on the left, but apparently it is acceptable for the poor in the third world to starve so that American Eco-activists can feel self-righteous about driving “flex-fuel” vehicles. According to the WORLD BANK:

“almost all of the increase in global maize production from 2004 to 2007 (the period when grain prices rose sharply) went for biofuels production in the U.S."

By the way, speaking of the Greens, it was little noted that the center-right coalition party of Silvio Berlusconi, ousted in 2006 but coming back to power due to new elections earlier this month, takes control of both Houses of Parliamant in which ZERO seats were won by either the Socialist Party or the Left Rainbow Party, which is a coalition of communists and Greens.

The Greens (or Verdi) alone had 15 seats in 2006, but in 2008, their coalition
The Rainbow gained a disastrous 3.1% of the vote (down from 10.2%, combined result of the three parties in 2006 general election) and failed to gain any seats in the Italian Parliament. Since then the future of the federation is unclear as each party, or rather each faction of each of the parties, holds a different view about the defeat and the future of the left in Italy.
Now it's just time to back out of the Euro!


Blogger The_Bad said...

“But still there’s obviously no correlation between temperature and CO2.”

Correct – and there never was. Just the same, even if there was, correlation does not equal causation. Any actual scientist will tell you that.

12:49 PM, April 25, 2008  

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