Thursday, January 10, 2013

Guns Saving Lives

Google map with stories.

Peruse these stories that the media doesn't promote!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the media does not promote this stuff because it's ....I don't know....PSYCHOTIC?
When I read the Coulter quote that adorns your blog page I thought it was a rip on Ann Coulter so I followed the link to this shitty blog. When Coulter writes stuff like this I find it evidence that she just makes this stuff up to stir up lowest common denominator
readers to make some quick sleazy cash and doesn't really believe this crap herself. It does seem to have a built in audience of pseudointellectual nutjobs, though.
Also , I attended the U or MN in the 70's and lived just a couple of blocks from the site of the actual 10 o clock scholar, and it became famous for Dylan's professional debut as a solo artist. It sucks that you are using that name for your phony-assed fascist rants.

11:48 PM, July 20, 2013  
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