Saturday, August 28, 2004


So, we've got over 220 of Kerry's fellow Swiftboat veterans saying he's Unfit for command. And yet, the Main Stream Media is effectively sticking its fingers in its ears going "La La La, I can't hear you!"


Well, because there's these other 4 or so veterans, see, who endorse Kerry and belonged to his own particular crew.

And apparently, the Media made up a rule now, that a veteran is only qualified to speak about other members of his own 6-man crew.


Well now I just heard on C-Span a replay of John F. Kerry's 1971 testimony to the Senate in which he speaks of being motivated to testify due to:

war crimes committed in Southeast Asia, not isolated incidents but crimes committed on a day-to-day basis with the full awareness of officers at all levels of command.
But, by the Media's own Rule, Kerry can't be speaking for all veterans, or even for all swiftboat veterans, but only about his own crew, right?

You know, the crew that's endorsing him -- who must be war criminals, by Kerry's own statement! Congratulations on that endorsement, Senator Kerry.

On the other hand, if they're not war criminals, then Kerry was lying to the Senate in 1971, giving aid to enemy morale for his own political goals.

So which is it, Senator?

Were you seditiously lying to the Senate for personal gain, or are you endorsed by war criminals?

Let's not even get into how disgusting it is that this very testimony was given by Kerry when hundreds of our soldiers were still imprisoned by the Communists and being tortured to admit to war crimes for propaganda purposes, and the torturers were able to -- and did -- play this very testimony in front of them to break their will to resist. (See "Sellout" video)

Or the fact that his own crew is not unanimous in its support.

Of course the real issue isn't really how many crewmembers endorse him or not.

The issue is Kerry's character.

The Media will try to obfuscate that fact. They hope to make questions about his character go away in a puff of smoke if they can show one or two of his critics have been inconsistent in the past. But that's irrelevant.

Because they're not the ones running for President.

This isn't some Encyclopedia Brown story in which the guilty party is determined by whose story has the most flaws. If 200 people say "2+2=4", but you show that one of them has made mistakes in the past, that still doesn't detract from the truth of the statement!

The bottom line is, Kerry is Unfit.

The arrogance alone of this candidate is reprehensible; see this article in which according to a Kerry campaign (unconfirmed) source,

the book was not considered a "serious" problem for the campaign, because, "the media wouldn't have the nerve to come at us with this kind of stuff," says the source. "The senior staff believes the media is committed to seeing us win this thing, and that the convention inoculated us from these kinds of stories. The senior guys really think we don't have a problem here."

The Media is not reliable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've voting for Lieberman.


1:57 PM, August 30, 2004  
Blogger RDS said...

Lieberman was the only Democrat candidate who made any sense when he opened his mouth. Go for it!

3:34 PM, August 30, 2004  

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