Monday, May 23, 2005

Great...Just Great...

I thought the instalanche that moved my daily hit count from about 50 to about 3,000 per day over this Gaddis speech due to a link from atrios was running its course.

Now I see this humble blog has been mentioned in a blurb on webchatter at Slate.


Credit for getting the speech out on the web should go to Chapomatic, where I found it, and to whom I had linked.

Be that as it may, color me amused; this from Slate's "Firestorm":
"Changing the world, one professor at a time," approves libertarian Eric at Classical Values. Others think it's not the transformation of Gaddis, but a new image of the president, that resonates. "Bush apparently got interested in what Gaddis had to say based on his book. Which means yes, Bush actually reads, and he listens to well-reasoned critics. He made his staff read it too," writes "warmongering neo-conservative" The Ten O'Clock Scholar, who also posts a transcript. "And this book was not about the liberal media or how wonderful George Bush's policies are - far from it," notes Avedon, guest-blogging at liberal hangout Atrios. "… I am flabbergasted." At Wampum, progressive EBW flips past the prologue and dissects the substance of the speech.


Blogger Chap said...

Thanks! The speech, after all, is Gaddis', not mine, and the important thing is to disseminate it, I think.

Much obliged for the link.

11:37 AM, May 25, 2005  

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