Saturday, June 18, 2005

Clear Thinking

Once again, I find someone else who has already blogged what I've been feeling, and it would be pointless for me to attempt to improve upon it.

Democrats have become the party of traitors and they don't care that they are objectively helping to support the morale of our nation's enemies, and thus will get more Americans killed.

Dirty Harry has the proper response:
If this were a real country What-a-Dick Durbin wouldn't be asked to apologize, he'd be shot. Along with the the editors of The New York Times, Newsweek, and those punk bitches in Congress demanding a withdrawal date.
We are at war and these son of a bitches are lying. These son of a bitches are blatant propagandists for the enemy. These son of a bitches are doing everything they can to give aid and comfort to the enemy. These son of a bitches are encouraging and emboldening the enemy. These son of a bitches are working overtime to kill the patience and determination of the American people because these son of a bitches know that's how you lose a war of attrition. The How We Lost In Vietnam playbook is out, open, dog earred, and well-thumbed. It's time for us to stop screwing around and start responding with lead.

Liberal Democrats and their allies in the media have turned a single out of control unit on the night shift at Abu Ghraib into a propaganda victory Stalin would be proud of. They've turned car bombs into a "War We're Losing" in a way only Tokyo Rose and Jane Fonda could envy. And liberal civil rights groups *ahem* and their allies in the media (who defended Christ in piss) have turned a splash of pee on the Koran (and why do terrorists have access to the Koran again?) into a racist fuel for the enemy only Hitler could truly appreciate. (And yeah, I'm comparing them to Hitler. And no, I won't apologize. Blow me.)

Like Vietnam we cannot lose this war over there -- we can only lose it here. And lying about Abu Ghraib, Gitmo, Koran abuse, and how good or bad things are going in Iraq is a blatant flanking move to assure we lose. Why else would they lie either blatantly or through context.
The Anchoress has more about these obscene comparisons of our troops to Nazis. It is obscene for a variety of reasons. First, it defames our military. Second, it debases the memory of what really happened to the victims of the Nazis. Be sure to see the photo of Nazis in action here. And third, it gives encouragement to the murderous terrorists to hold out a little longer, thinking they'll be rescued if the Democrats (who were just holding their "mock impeachment trial" of Bush) take over.

Many of the Democrat bigwigs were there, spouting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories like madmen.

They're useless lunatics.

They must be removed from office, now.

I can't understand how anyone can ever vote Democrat again, the whole party has become such a disloyal disgrace.

See for example this disturbing photo-essay comparing Gitmo to the real victims of the evil murderers that Senator Durbin (D-Ill.) is comparing our military to.

He stands by his comments.

In a just world, his black heart would finally seize up tomorrow.

Or see here (WARNING: graphic!), where Jawa Report takes on Democrat rising star "Kos" Zunigas, who is defending Durbin and proclaiming we're torturing people just as terribly as Hussein did. See for yourself.

You can go to hell, Kos.

The Anchoress continues,
Dick Durbin should resign from his office. He is unfit for it. And serious Democrats (and moderate Republicans) who want to maintain some level of respectability and credibility need to denounce his scandalous, extreme, untrue, distorted and disgraceful charges.

As did John Kerry during Vietnam, when he testified about the “Jengis Kahn” behavior of US Troops, Dick Durbin has given our enemy headlines, and fodder to promote more hate, more mis-understanding, more distrust, more rabble rousing. For people who say they want the war to be over, Durbin and the Democrats seem to be doing all they can to fan the flames that will keep it going and going.

And just think, all of this…ALL of it…is coming about as part of the “circle the wagons for Newsweek” efforts of the press and the left.
But for now, there is a Republican in the White House, and the worldwide machines of the left can only focus on one issue; how to hurt America and the American President, for daring to DO. And to BE.

Clearly, when the American President is a Democrat, every inhumane action in the world will cease to take place, and the rest of the problems of the world will be seen to. North Korea. AIDS in Africa. Islamofascism. Eurabia. Terrorism. Tribal warfare. Homelessness. Just like it was allllll taken care of LAST time.

Do you remember, after 9/11, the videotape of the “west bank,” which showed us Islamofascists dancing in the streets at the sight of the WTC falling and the Pentagon burning? Do you remember the woman in the black hijab, who shoved her face into the camera, ululating in obscene joy? I remember her. [ed. note: see her here!]

I was worried, once upon a time, that if John Kerry made it to the White House, with his foggy, unclear (or at least poorly articulated) idea about what the “War on Terror” meant, we might have to see that woman again.

I worry that the overplayed and exaggerated “horror” of the Democrats, on the subject of GITMO, may end up causing us to have to see that woman again, as our enemies, emboldened and encouraged by the reckless rhetoric of Dick Durbin and others, find inspiration where they should instead be finding a respectful sort of fear.
I'm going to have to get me one of these.

Hugh Hewitt has a roundup of how other prominent Democrats aren't disavowing any of it and how the the MSM is avoiding talking about it. For example,
"Several Democrats ducked the furor yesterday.
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York Democrat, declined to comment, saying she had not heard Mr. Durbin's speech. When a reporter read the passage to her, she declined again.

The offices of Democratic Sens. John Kerry of Massachusetts and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut did not answer calls for comment."
Unfit, every last one of you!


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