Monday, March 20, 2006


On LGF, commenter Pro-Bush Canuck observes
Look, it wasn't the Muslims that radically changed all the rules since 1968. They didn't suddenly embrace multiculturalism and cultural relativism. We in the West decided to embark on that change of course. Muslims are just doing what they have always done: trying to find ways to undermine the kuffar while advancing Islam.

It is we who have changed, not them. If you want to get angry at someone, how about the people who decided that mass immigration from cultures known to be openly hostile to the West would be a good idea. Or the people who fill our children's heads with the idea that the West is a moral abomination and that the likes of the Palestinian "martyrs" are noble freedom fighters?

I am a complete enemy of Islam. However I don't hate them in the way I hate our own leftists. I hope we defeat the Islamists; I have no idea how we will deal with the left in the long run (except perhaps their failure to breed may phase them out over time).
I was thinking today how the insanity in our society (or, as history shows, in any "advanced" and hence soft civilization) makes it almost impossible to resist determined barbarians.

And it's even worse when the gates are being thrown open to them willingly.

Commenter Cartman states the obvious conclusion, that the craziness won't go away until things get really bad, and only the people with guns survive:
Unfortunately, the left will always be amongst us, in any society, Democratic or otherwise. The evolution of human nature dictates that there will always remain a segment of any society that is unwilling to contribute to the greater good, as long as that concept is tollerated. Subsistence and support for these unfortunates absolutely depends upon the notion of ideological handouts. It's become a well-oiled machine, thanks to the Democratic party in this country, and the liberal agendas in Canada, the EU and Australia. Yet we must take heart. According to Darwin, in times of extreme eco-stress, only those who retain the instincts for survival through self-perpetuation and creativity will survive. Those who are not able to take care of themselves through no fault of their own, will only be cared for and nurtured through the protection of their peers who pass this evolutionary test. When the going really gets tough, the sycophants will wither on the vine. Natural selection at its finest.
It's just so wasteful and tragic.

If only these people would grow up and see beyond their self-absorbed myopic protests to the real threats, a lot of potential chaos and destruction can be avoided.

I think that's what makes me the angriest at the socialist left.

The utter waste -- increased by their selfishness, and cloaked in moral superiority!

P.S. I just bought another gun.


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