Saturday, March 18, 2006

Iran Summary

My previous post was rather verbose and I don't want blert's observations to be lost.

Here I have excerpted them:
First, they want to create an arsenal of a nuclear superpower, no nickel and dime operation. Anything less is suicide. At that level of power, they can sit at the big table and have complete freedom of action. Smart.

Second, co-opt or absorb OPEC. Smart. Extract semi-monopoly rents from your enemies.

Third, infiltrate all of the infidel lands with martyrs. Smart. Russian and Europe may fall into their lap. Run a protection racket to extract more rent.

Fourth, upon the magic hour pop everything at one go: and that means everything. Smart… all or nothing is the only viable path in nuclear war. Trading blows… now that’s suicide. The mullahs have no intention to receive any counter blow. With any luck a muslim can launch some missiles on America from Russia. It’s a ‘Terminator 4’ plot fantasy.

Whenever the button goes down, Iran intends to be the ‘innocent’.

The romantic idea that hard hearted mullahs with fat wallets and decades of effort with world class technicians and working blueprints can’t have yet succeeded: how precious.

The world’s intelligence services and the IAEA have a flawless track record in failing to predict the tempo or status of budding nuclear powers. Failure 100% of the time. How sweet. I read here on WOC that most are awaiting their pronouncements. Oh, well.
Like Nazi Germany, Iran figures to mop up the weak states around them and leverage themselves up into true superpower. Getting America out of the Gulf is essential. The way forward is to wear down the American voter. It’s working, perfectly.

GWB probably IS paralyzed. The mullahs are not going to provide timely pretext. The MSM demands levels proof that are unattainable. Russia and China are determined to block further American hegemony in the Gulf.

The Rubicon has already been crossed, but the savvy non-scientists out there say it not. With no direct knowledge of the process, even an element of it, they don’t know what to think or when to think.

As to the notion that our intel is going to get this one right: then what of 9-11-2001.

The EMP story is just a scare. The mullahs don’t want to put our lights out. They simply want to blow us up.


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