Sunday, April 30, 2006


So, tomorrow, May Day, is the big day of Hispanic Supremacy. The commies and islamists are joining in too. Supposedly the goal is for illegal foreigners in this country to not work and not buy anything, and to bring several major cities to a halt.

Yes, let's all support foreign blackmail of our society! Wheee! Everybody's doing it! The idea is we'll decide we have no sovereignty and our border policy can be set by foreigners. Hurray!

California Democrats are apparently in solidarity with the foreigners, and stand against the citizens who elected them. Apparently they have arranged for the Legislature to be closed tomorrow, so instead of doing the work they were hired to do, they are in fact taking orders from foreign agents. Interesting set of priorities. To make it worse, the California Senate has issued a resolution supporting students who walk out of school. Way to be for education!

With any luck though, that would have been the day they were to all be indoctrinated with learn about the important contributions of homosexuals to American History.
The bill, which was passed by a Senate committee Tuesday, would require schools to buy textbooks ``accurately'' portraying ``the sexual diversity of our society.'' More controversially, it could require that students hear history lessons on ``the contributions of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States of America.''
I mean, imagine that! Government telling people to not work and walk out of school!!! To support the whims of foreigners???

Is that not seditious? Should those politicians not be tarred and feathered if not hanged?

On the other hand, this could be win-win.

I will be splurging to show the commies and our traitorous politicians who wields real economic power. If it indeed hurts us, it will wake a lot of people up. And as others have pointed out, a true reckoning would be for us to also see the savings we'd get by refusing public services to illegals for a day.

How 'bout that, amigo?

Or, who knows, if it's a fizzle, we might realize A Day Without Mexicans isn't the disaster it's made out to be, and decide we really don't need them.

Everytime the anti-Anglo-culture people pull something like this, I just send more $$$ to the Republicans.

I've got any number now of pins, cards, and placards suitable for framing now, for all my contributions.

They're even offering to inscribe my name on a wall at the Ronald Reagan museum!

The House Committee. The Elizabeth Dole Senatorial Committee. The Presidential Committee. The freakin' National Committee.

I've supported them all.

And here's the kicker.

I'm not even a Republican!

I never gave any money to ANYBODY until the 2004 election cycle.

Now I give them oodles of cash and demand they build a fence.

We need a fence!


Anonymous uta said...

Many scholars have written on the issue of how societies destroy themselves. am not a "westerner" just a guy who thinks for whatever reasons the western civilization did discover some profound ways of shaping the human society. But for somehow they have turned on themselves and let loose a very distructive force "political correctness". No one wants to call "evil" for what it is. The "Political Dark Age" ends now!!

It is obvious if 50% of people became homosexuals the civilizations would dissapear very fast,

It is obvious that we are dealing with a very evil ideology in "islam" but no politician has the balls to say it.

The war in iraq could be won in a few months if all "political correctness crap", and all the "public relation rubbish" was thrown out of the window. I could not help but gag at zarqawi bragging of his warriors, this guys cannot even fight, they can be destroyed in a few months.

If all the african people were told it is time to change their ways ( Am one of them by the way), it is no use blaming the west, their goverments for all the problems africa is facing.

If Iran is told without ambiguities that any nuclear strike on Israel would lead to the dissapearance of Iran.

If all the do-gooders also critisized China (for Tibet) Russia (for chechnya) Japan

Feel free to add to the list

The 2nd rennaisance starts now

1:20 PM, May 02, 2006  

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