Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Our Friends, The Saudis

Divide and conquer.
Top Saudi cleric declares Shiites to be infidels
A top Saudi Sunni cleric on Monday declared Shiites around the world to be heretics and urged Sunni Muslims around the world to expel Shiites from their land.

Abdullah bin Jabrain, a key member in Saudi Arabia's clerical establishment, joined a chorus of other senior figures from the kingdom's hard-line Wahhabi school of Sunni Islam who have deemed Shiites as infidels, the latest sign of increasing sectarianism in the Middle East.

"Some people say that the rejectionists (Shiites) are Muslims because they believe in God and his prophet (Muhammad), pray and fast. But I say they are heretics," said bin Jabrain in a statement posted on several Islamic Web sites.

"They are the most vicious enemy of Muslims, who should be wary of their plots," wrote bin Jabrain. "They should be boycotted and expelled so that Muslims spared their evil," he wrote.
Ha ha ha ha ha!

If the Democratization and Freedom Project(tm) fails because the people of the Middle East are tribal savages more interested in beggaring their neighbors than in Western Judeo-Christian ideals of co-prosperity and peace, the next best thing would be to incite open war between the two powerbases of islamic ideological evil, the Sunni Saudis and the Shiite Iranian clerics.

And then with the Chinese howling for open access to oil, the UN will beg us to seize the Iranian and Saudi oilfields -- conveniently near the coasts.

Even administered under standard UN corruption practices, it would be a vast improvement, as radical islam would then be starved of cash and fade into the desert, from whence it sprang.

And where it belongs.

The Saudi royals may be alarmed that the beast they've created by funding radical madrassas -- often the sole source of education in the godforsaken wastelands of Pakistan, Africa, and Indonesia (and even the heart of Europe!) -- for the last few decades might turn on its master for not being radical enough; but make no mistake, they keep on funding it.

Because they ARE Wahabbists through and through, and dressing them up in a suit doesn't change the fact that they are products of a brutal, primitive and abominable society.

As an example of how their evil has penetrated even into Britain, undercover footage recently revealed:
From these new bases Bergen predicts that Al-Qaeda will not only continue its low level campaign of violence but will go for another Big One. Maybe a radiological bomb on a Western City. Maybe something even bigger. But the questions he raises become eerie in the context of British TV's expose entitled Undercover Mosque. It follows the months-long attendance of an undercover reporter at a Saudi-funded mosque in London where the sermons were not only disturbing but outright inflammatory.

Much of "Undercover Mosque" was filmed with a hidden camera. The sound is clear, but the footage is often shaky and tentative. Ironically, this is now the predominant style for hip documentary filmmaking, which affects a nervous, frantic style. Here you have the real thing — it's nervous and frantic because it has to be. The preachers shown, including an African-American convert, are jaw-droppingly explicit in their revolutionary plans for Britain and the world.

One, Dr. Ijaz Mian, at the Regents Park Mosque in London, official seat of "moderate" Islam in Britain, talks openly about his desire to see Saudi-style religious police operating in the United Kingdom. He urges Muslims to wait until they are sufficiently numerous to make Britons surrender: "Hands Up!" Another predicts jihad will be waged against all nonbelievers and a British Islamic state established, with the flogging of drunkards, chopping off of thieves' hands, and jihad against non-Muslims all on the menu. "You have to live like a state within a state until you take over," he says. Women are "deficient," and should be marriageable before puberty because Muhammad himself married a nine-year-old. The animus against homosexuals and Jews is particularly virulent, meaning not merely condemnation, but explicit calls for their (eventual) murder. One imam even mimics a throat-cutting.

The initial vision behind Operation Iraqi Freedom was to provide an democratic alternative to the Muslim world. And the question implicit in any "redeployment" strategy or change in direction is quo vadis? Do we really mean to take on radical Islam in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Europe? Because they will still be there however far one flees from Iraq. And how do we intend to fight them in those places?
More than half of the 199 Sunni suicide attacks in Iraq -- the ones that cause all the horrific slaughter -- are commited by Saudis, and less than 10% by Iraqis themselves.

In other words, this "classic civil war", as the vacuous and idiotic Wolf Blitzer put it the other day (he's an expert now? Real military historians say differently), is really a proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, taking place in Baghdad.

And we should encourage it!

As a strategy for the Iraqi Sunni Baathist remnants to support, it's a stupid idea, because at 15% of the population it's unsustainable. The Sunnis will simply all be cleansed from Iraq (certainly Baghdad) if they keep it up.

I will LMFAO at the irony if the first islamic A-bomb is dropped not on a Western city but on fellow meteorite-worshippers.


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