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An American Responds

I try to avoid The Grauniad (sic), but noticed this article about Bush requesting more NATO forces for Afghanistan. The article speaks with confidence of the Iraq war already having been lost:
Overshadowed by President George Bush's controversial, last-chance bid to salvage American honour in Iraq, the US is mounting a parallel military and reconstruction "surge" in Afghanistan ahead of an anticipated Taliban spring offensive.
But it also draws on the Iraq experience and a resulting determination not to "lose" Afghanistan too.
What's most interesting is the comment section by readers.

Mostly Europeans, the vicious and ignorant posters malign the US as the world's bully and biggest terrorist and war criminal, proclaim the innocence of bin Laden, revel in 9/11 conspiracy theories, and express glee at any perceived setback.

Initially, one poster, MarkGreen0, tries to stem the tide, but is swept away by a cavalcade of moonbats:
Moderators, move all the posts before me on this thread. No, it's got nothing to do with wanting to be first, it's just that they are dreadful and wholly inaccurate.
The Moderators didn't listen.

At the end, however, two (presumably) Americans respond.

One is short and to the point.

The other is a comprehensive bodyblow to these pissant worthless slugs and moral idiots:

February 2, 2007 6:02 PM

Oh my aren't we Americans just eveil evil EVILLLLLLLLL...

And why? Because we're in Afghanistan to defend our perceived interests rather than anyone else's.

Tsk and tut @ US.

And you know what? There isn't a damn thing you can do about it.

And then:

February 5, 2007 10:08 PM

So Becka, on the basis of your opinion of why we are not on the Taliban's side anymore when we used to be. I guess we should still be enemies with Germany, Russua (excuse me I guess we Americans should still refer to them as the USSR), etc. Times change sweatheart and alliances change.

Do any of you remember September 11, 2001? I still do. It was the day that changed America and the day America ended its patience with the world who hates us for no other reason than we are the superpower. Are we perfect, not even close just as no other country or people are perfect. Some times I wish Russia was still a superpower so at least the rest of the world would have a choice or side to pick to hate and to like, but thats not the case anymore.

To those who verbally beat us down and say we just want to drive our SUVs, screw you. I work my ass off each and everyday to give the luxuries in life to my wife and children as well as myself. If I want to drive a SUV, then I will....WHY....cause I live in a free country with the opportunities handed to me by my right of birth as an American. I have taken those opportunities to better my family's life and that includes my wife driving a SUV and me driving a truck. How else would I tow my boat or have my wife carpool 6 kids to school. Don't hate me for that, thats just rediculous and shows nothing more than jealousy. And yes i am willing to pay the gas prices, again thats why I work so hard.

We Americans are not going to live in fear and we sure as hell are not going to live by the rules of the rest of the world. We are the people in power and we will use that power to ensure our safety in this world and protect our interests. If you don't like it, then go to work and help make your country the most powerful on this planet. Then maybe you can have a say as to what happens in this world or not. Thats what we Americans do everyday. Its why we have gotten to where we are. We never asked for help to better our country. We get up every morning and make it better ourselves. Its called work ethic, drive, enthusiasm, and competitiveness.

Do I think our President, Mr Bush, is perfect? Hell no. He has made more mistakes than I can count. Thats unfortunate, but it doesn't make him dumb, or evil, or anything else that you people like to call him. He is doing his best to protect us and since 9/11 nothing has happened on our turf. That is more of a success than anyone wants to give him credit for.

As for all of you who say we ran out of Afganistan too quickly to fight Iraq and that is the reason Afganistan is failing now, I say this. We are America damn it and if we choose to fight multiple wars with multiple countries such as Afganistan and Iraq then I say fine. Why? Cause our military infrastructure and might should be plenty to succeed in mulitple wars against piddly shit countries such as the 2 mentioned. If we can fight Hitler's Germany and Japan at the same time 60 years ago then we shouldn't have much of a problem fighting these tiny little insignificant countries all at once.

One more thing that amazes me is that this article is written as if we have already lost the war in Iraq. While I wll agree that we arne't close to winning and we are in pretty bad shape right now, we are not even close to losing. If we make good decisions and bring in the international community to help restore this country then we have a great shot at pulling off vicotry for ourselves, the people of Iraq and the world community as a whole. And we should all be rooting for that.

Some day your country will get hit with a earthquack, Tsumani, tidal wave, etc and then we will be the first you call to ask for help. And yes we will help as we always do, with much more help than any other country as ever given to other countries in the history of our modern world. And will any of you say thank you. NOPE. I remember an image I saw after the tidal wave hit Asia and one of the men that we were providing aide to had a T-shitrt on and on it was the image of Osama Bin Laden. Its amazing that he would take our assistance but still hate us. If you noticed we didn't deprive him of assistance. I find that to be typical of the international community. Hate the US only cause its popular to but use us whenever it benefits you. What a shocker (that was sarcasm). I only hope that both these wars come to and end and the world can move on and become much more peaceful. I doubt it since that has never really happened in history. There are always wars, it is human nature to fight with eachother. Especially in the Islamic part of the world. If you want to know why, ask God when you die.

I hope all of you a successfull and happy life as I consider mine to be.

With Regards,

Well said, Phil!

That Phil is a funny guy.

There hasn't been a reply to that showstopper for 11 days now, ha!

Phil's attitude is exactly why they hate us. At The Australian, it is explained:
Protector of the free world deserves better
Anti-Americanism has a long pedigree, but that only makes it more irrational, writes Janet Albrechtsen
But the problem with what Martin Amis calls the rodeo of anti-Americanism drawing crowds across the globe is that the antagonism is fuelled not just by what America does but also, in no small part, by what America is. It's here that rationality vanishes among even the most intelligent Westerners. British author Margaret Drabble summed it up thus: "My anti-Americanism has become almost uncontrollable. It has possessed me like a disease. It rises in my throat like acid reflux."

Actually, it's more akin to reflex than reflux. And a new book on anti-Americanism in Europe offers an insight into the reflexive hatred of the US: a hatred that has travelled beyond its traditional home of European elites.

Andrei S. Markovits, author of Uncouth Nation: Why Europe Dislikes America, is no neo-con Bush cheerleader. Markovits told The Australian he is a card-carrying progressive signing up to every seminal Left issue. But he cannot stomach the toxic anti-Americanism, a staple of his side of politics. A bunch of people opposing US policies is not anti-Americanism. Instead, something new has emerged, he says. "European anti-Americanism is becoming an unprecedented Europe-wide lingua franca" - a "key mobilising agent" for a common European identity. It has, quite literally, become the last acceptable prejudice, sanctioned by the highest levels of government. Europeans may bicker over an EU constitution, but they can agree on who they hate. They hate America.
But anti-Americanism runs deeper than Bush. "Anti-Bushism," says Markovits, is simply the "glaring tip of a massive anti-American iceberg." One immune to reason or climate change for that matter.
Humanity is unworthy of salvation, but it is part of our Judeo-Christian heritage to help out nonetheless.


Anonymous Josh in Berlin said...

Anti-Americanism is a big problem in Europe. The Atlantic Review, a blog on transatlantic affairs, writes a lot about Anti-Americanism. We expose examples of blatent Anti-Americanism like in this post: "Conservative Parliamentarian Implies that the US is Exterminating Other Cultures"

The latest posts on Anti-Americanism are here:

11:01 AM, February 16, 2007  

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