Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Have you heard the tragic news?

35 young Americans, in the prime of their lives, under the age of 25, were violently killed today, unexpectedly and without warning!

What, was a patrol ambushed in Iraq? That quagmire of death and defeat?

No, sorry, only about 2-3 such deaths happen in Iraq each day.

That's in an active warzone.

What, was there another random mass shooting by a madman like at Virginia Tech where 32 young Americans lost their lives?

No, sorry, such shootings happen only once ever several years.

What I'm talking about not only killed 35 young Americans today, but it will again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that...

Just like it did yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that...

Yes, day after day, every day, it continues. That's about 13,000 every year!

Did you hear about it?


Why not?

Clearly, automobile accidents take a toll that vastly dwarfs anything out of Iraq or the lurid headlines of tragic shootings.

But it serves no political purpose to report the name of every victim every day to you.

Imagine if the news showed photos and names, to weepy music, of every single one of those 35 killed each and every day, without stopping or ever letting up.

Superimposed on shocking photos of the wreckage.

Keeping a grim tally of the total, and charting its growth through the year.

Maybe they don't do that because it would be debilitating and pointless?

But when you want to oppose a war we're fighting, then by all means, trumpet every single death even though it's one-tenth of the toll.

Why not rage against the blood on the streets?

No blood for transportation!

Cars are a conspiracy of the rubber tire companies!

Why not?

Because they're moral dwarves and hypocritical idiots.

Their objective is to break your fighting spirit.

Pay it as much mind as you do the daily deaths from car crashes.

And remember, if you count all "unintentional motor vehicle traffic" deaths from the CDC data, not just those of people under the age of 25 (which I chose to be similar to that of the soldiers), the carnage rockets up to over 100 violently killed each and every day.

Yet somehow our effort in Iraq, by comparison, is unsustainable.

Must be "new math."


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