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I ask, and I receive:

Feds arrest dozens of illegal immigrants in New Haven raids

The Department of Homeland Security conducted an early morning raid of undocumented immigrants in New Haven on Wednesday, arresting dozens and prompting city officials to decry what they believe to be federal retaliation for city’s approval Monday of the first-in-the-nation municipal ID program.

With luck it will be the last, too!

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents made 29 arrests Wednesday, according to a spokeswoman for the agency, and city officials said they expect more arrests over the course of the next two weeks. The officials described it as the first-ever mass arrest of illegal immigrants in recent New Haven history, but the ICE spokeswoman says the arrests are not politically driven and are “routine.”

New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr., who will be holding a press conference to discuss the arrests later this afternoon, says the federal government arbitrarily targeted New Haven immigrants in response to the Board of Aldermen’s approval of municipal ID cards. The ID cards will be available to all city residents, regardless of their citizenship status, and will allow cardholders to access basic city services and protections.

When you advertise subversion of Federal law, what do you expect? Applause?

During discussions of the ID program, aldermen expressed some concern that the Department of Homeland Security at some point might subpoena the program’s records, but there was little if any discussion of a possible retaliation by immigration enforcement, especially before the ID cards were put into place.

Ward 1 Alderman Nick Shalek said “everybody is very surprised” by the arrests, which took place in the Fair Haven neighborhood.

“I’m still in favor of the Municipal ID program and practical efforts to make the city a safer place for all its residents, undocumented and otherwise,” Shalek said. “To the extent the raids are in retaliation to the city’s actions, I am severely disappointed and distraught.”
Surprised? Distraught? Because you are all naive.

Imagine if these people were responsible for protecting us from islamic jihadists...

The ID program was approved Monday by a vote of 25-1, with the dissent coming from the only Republican on the Board, Ward 18 Alderwoman Arlene DePino.
Good for you, Arlene!

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants have descended on City Hall in recent weeks to show their support for the card program.

"Amnesty"-type bills only make the problem worse for this very reason. Utopian communists can never see the real-life consequences of their fantasies.

But many aldermen have said that they have also received a barrage of e-mails decrying the plan as a deliberate circumvention of federal law.
The immune system is working!

I am filled with glee.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps Alderman Nick Shalek and others who want to break the law and facilitate "undocumented residents" in America could go one step further in their altruism and be the sole victims of their crimes and pay for their trips to the emergency room. It could be like Feed the Children.

If you approve of "undocumented residents" in this country, adopt one! You could have a picture of the little dear to keep on your nightstand and send him/her money every month to "make (your) city a safer place for all its residents undocumented and otherwise."

It felt great to call Bank of America and tell them why I was canceling my credit card. They had the nerve to tell me I didn't have all the information. Then they actually said it's just a "pilot program" and that it's not for illegal aliens, it's for people who don't have social security numbers!!! O-kay. How can anyone be falling for this?

11:07 AM, June 07, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

GREAT IDEA, Anonymous...Why not write a letter to the editor of that benighted town and tell them your plan? ... you could do it on line, I'm sure.

2:11 PM, June 07, 2007  
Blogger The_Bad said...

Oh, the semantics. It’s a regular topic for me. Yet another perfect example exists right here. “Undocumented” sounds so much nicer than “illegal”. It almost gives the impression that nothing illegal is going on – rather a simple fact of not having some documents. Just forget that those missing documents happen to be the ones that say “it is legal for you to be here”.

When will legal immigrants who have spent the time and paid the price to be here stand up against those who intentionally usurp the process? It’s high time they make their voices heard - loudly and proudly as Americans.

4:27 PM, June 07, 2007  

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