Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Reality Denial

I could run this whole blog just reproducing snippets of wisdom from the eminently quotable Wretchard of Belmont Club, that uncannily express my amorphous thoughts.

For example:
Sometimes I wonder how psychologically destructive it would be for the extreme Left if America wins the War on Terror. They survived the fall of the Soviet Union by extreme acts of denial and then, when the period of mourning was over, finally by morphing into extreme Greens, both of the environmental and Islamic kind. What will they become if Osama's movement is finally discredited is anybody's guess. They'll turn into something, I guess. But I shudder to think what.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mlezidntBit off topic I know but, Are they Lying to us.
Have the EUrocrats forgotten to tell us ALL of their Dastardly Plans.
What better way for an EU Soviet Police State to control its
Population than getting rid of Christianity and replacing it with Sharia Law.

Could the reason the Socialists want to have an Elected Lords be to get rid of the
Bishops who have an automatic seat.
Our Elite Are QUITE Prepared to DECLARE WAR ON their OWN PEOPLE, what was it Jack Straw said.
Oh Yes, the British are not worth saving as a race.
It's completely illegal, Our rights PREDATE Parliament.
The curse of Political Correctness
Here is Europol, Military Transnational Police with Diplomatic Immunity NOW.
Internet Shut down. , presumably health, Enforced Bankruptcy.Denial of Public services ? Health care ?,,,
Concerned ?
London 27th Oct 2007
Forward to 2 Close Friends

Stop Islamification of Britain
Demo London 26th Oct 2007
Forward to 2 Close Friends

1:21 PM, October 23, 2007  

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