Sunday, February 10, 2008


This piece at Huffpo speculates Bolton may be in line to be Secretary of State in a possible McCain administration.
Would embattled former UN ambassador John Bolton have a place in John McCain's presidential cabinet?

The idea was brewing beneath the veneer of Bolton's address to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday.

Revealing information that he said had never before been made public, Bolton discussed how McCain secretly tried to shepherd his nomination to the United Nations -- a nomination that was held up in Congress over Bolton's controversial anti-UN statements and policies.

"He was very active behind the scenes," said Bolton, who was ultimately sent to the UN via a presidential recess appointment. "He thought I was the type of ambassador that ought to represent the United States at the United Nations."

Addressing an audience already skeptical of McCain's presidential nomination, Bolton offered a defense of the senator.
Of course, I think that would be AWESOME to have Bolton back! And with Rudy as Attorney General...well I can dream!

Of course, Huffpo was presenting this as something dreadful and scary! I was amused by the comments left be readers. This criticism in particular is telling:
Bolton is supposed to be a smart guy. Apparently he did well at a top school. It is really difficult to tell how smart these ideologues are because they so rarely seem to think for themselves. Bolton's opinions, as are Scalia's, are always highly predictable and show little influence by real world events.
So funny!

So apparently, thinking for yourself means changing your views to conform with popular opinion which is swept along in knee-jerk response to "real world events", i.e. MSM news headlines!

Having "highly predictable" views couldn't possibly be due to having a well-developed personal philosophy, could it now?


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