Wednesday, November 05, 2008

They Love Us, They Really Love Us!

Suddenly, it may be cool to be an American again

Oh, bite me!

It was, is, and always will be cool to be an American, except we never think about it that way.

In the linked article, William J. Kole, AP's Vienna bureau chief, revels in European adulation, and recounts having had to pretend to be Canadian or other nationalities.

But now everyone loves the American expats.

A Frenchman even gives him the permission to wear red, white, and blue again!
I'm a marathon runner, and I have a red, white and blue singlet that I've seldom dared to wear on the Continent. Marathons are difficult enough without enduring catcalls and jeers from spectators.

But my best friend and training partner — who is French — just gave me his stamp of approval.

"Will you wear your Stars and Stripes shirt now? You're allowed!" he told me.
Gee, thanks.

Let's see how long this honeymoon lasts.


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