Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Important Military Operation

The recent Marine offensive near the Syrian border got most of the press. Following that, and with lesser coverage (especially of its larger significance), was an Iraqi security-force-led raid in Baghdad that appears to have netted hundreds of insurgents, including important al-Qaeda professionals!

This indicates not only better training on part of the Iraqi security, but also a professionalism and dedication that preserved operational secrecy, as well as a breakthrough in infiltrating the terrorists from within.

Having a friendly Arab intelligence service on our side will give us a huge leap in capabilities.

Winds of Change has details:
According to Al-Iraqia TV, the Wolf brigade's intelligence elements successfully infiltrated the terrorist groups in the Abu Ghraib region and the information gathered this way paved the way for the latest operation which was done in two waves; the 1st raid was accomplished yesterday while the 2nd one started at 5 in the morning today and has just ended as Al-Iraqia reporter at the scene in Abu Ghraib said.

The successful raids which represent the largest operation performed by Iraqi forces so far had resulted in arresting 450 suspected terrorists. The brigade depended mainly on its intelligence personnel who recognized the suspects' faces and pointed them out one by one. The Wolf brigade did almost all the job with the multinational forces providing backup when needed.

Among the detainees was an "Amir" i.e. someone who beheaded at least 10 Iraqis. Also it's believed that the terrorist who lead the latest large attack on the prison in Abu Ghraib was also among those detained.
They also note,
This article in the Telegraph states a "car bomb factory" was discovered; "They found sufficient bombs for 70 cars, a production line if you like," said Mr Jaafari's spokesman, Laith Kubba. "It was either the factory or one of the two factories that has caused the carnage in Baghdad."
Very good news!


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