Thursday, June 30, 2005

Life Imitating Art

Couldn't help but notice the juxtaposition of these two neighboring headlines at Yahoo:

'War of the Worlds' tops $21M on opening day


Muslim nations face growing AIDS crisis

Perhaps life is imitating art?

Furthering this theme, note also the resurgence of polio, due to a rejection of Western concepts of "medicine" by muslim clerics in Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Egypt:
A day after Bihar launched the fifth round of a polio immunisation drive this year, officials admitted Monday that the campaign may come to a naught - with the state reporting the highest incidence of the disease.
According to a Unicef report, India is among the five countries of the world where total polio eradication is yet to be achieved, the others being Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt and Nigeria.
Note that we're talking about the backward, mostly muslim regions of India like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, where insane atrocities are sanctioned by "islamic society" every day:
A young Indian woman allegedly raped by her father-in-law has been ordered by village elders to live with him as his wife, a report said on Wednesday.

Muslim clerics who serve as village elders in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh decided that the woman's rape by her father-in-law had "nullified" her marriage to her husband, the Asian Age daily said.
And the muslim regions of Nigeria:
LAGOS, June 28, 2005 ( – The Supreme Council for Shari'ah in Nigeria (SCSN) has urged all states applying Islamic Shari'ah to give the thumbs-down to a draft family law on the grounds of containing articles violating the tenets of Islam.
Twelve of Nigeria’s 36 states have gradually applied the provisions of Shari`ah since the return of democracy to the country in 1999, despite the fierce opposition from the federal government.
The SCNS objects to an article punishing a father who blocs his child vaccination with five years in jail, a fine of five thousand dollars or both.

A number of Nigerian scholars have last year triggered a controversy after issuing a fatwa urging citizens not to have their children vaccinated against polio, prompting four predominantly Muslim states to shun the vaccination campaign.
The islamic belief system is an evil blight and must be eradicated. These people must be freed!

I cannot abide this primitive savagery.

People in this Land of the Lotus Eaters are so utterly clueless about the true state of the world, and just how undeservingly and amazingly lucky they are to stand on the shoulders of philosphical, enlightened geniuses, the miserable little ungrateful dwarves.

Obsessed with meaningless trivialities such as the fake love life of Tom Cruise or Oprah's reading list, the fact that arabs are this very minute taking black slaves in the Sudan is ignored.

Or that children are still sacrificed to Kali in India.

Or that a 9-year-old girl was married to a dog to ward of an "evil spell" because her teeth didn't look right.

Or that hundreds and perhaps thousands (THOUSANDS!!!) of African boys have been murdered in Britain as human sacrifices to barbaric tribal cult gods, brought into Britain from Nigeria by organized human slavery rings:
'Adam', as he has been called by police officers, is believed to have been smuggled into Britain to be killed in a ‘religious’ ritual.

The ritual theory came about after the discovery of ground bone fragments in his stomach, indicating that he had swallowed a potion shortly before his death. The manner in which his head and limbs were removed and blood drained also suggested that a human sacrifice had ocurred.

Initially, the ritual was thought to be a ‘muti murder’ – a South African rite where body parts are used as ‘medicine’. However, certain indications (too gruesome to detail here) ran counter to what is known about muti customs.

Orange shorts, placed on Adam 24 hours after his death, provided another clue. The colour orange is associated with ‘Ochun’, one of the 400 ‘Orisha’ or ancestor gods of the Yoruba people, Nigeria’s second biggest ethnic group.
Note that:
There are no laws against human trafficking in Nigeria and it has an active and growing market in people. While the victims are mainly women, the International Labour Organisation has also identified an extensive trade in child labourers and, in some cases, in children for human sacrifice.

Though the traffic is most widespread within the African continent, police and immigration officials across Europe have reported a steady flow of Nigerian women and children across their borders. Most end up as domestic servants, market traders, child beggars and prostitutes. The only appropriate word for this business is ‘slavery’.
Scotland Yard complains of a "wall of silence" from the immigrant "community" they let infiltrate their country, and of course the also get tagged as racists and not being sensitive enough to other cultures.

So many are in deep denial.


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