Thursday, June 23, 2005

Anderson Cooper

I had the misfortune of being a captive audience on a treadmill while CNN was on the overhead tv, and Anderson Cooper was interviewing Franklin Graham, who is the Rev. Billy Graham's son.

Or should I say, rather than interviewing, but taking him to task for having stated that allah is not the Judeo-Christian God, and that Islam is a vile thing, demanding its adherents prove their submission to it by killing others in the course of killing themselves for jihad.

Which are just objective facts.

As brave apostate Ali Sina points out, islam is the only major belief-system that does not embrace a form of the "Golden Rule", which states essentially to treat everyone with the same consideration one would wish for one's self. islam specifically reserves such consideration only for other muslims, and instructs that the infidels should be exploited or killed.

This little fact puts islam in the company with Satanism and the explicitly racist fringe group, the World Church of the Creator!

But Anderson would have none of it.

He trotted out the usual tired, totally discredited retorts and challenges.

For example, he pointed out that "Christians" have done bad things too -- which is a dumb argument in the first place, as it doesn't address the underlying philosophy, but merely demonstrates people are fallible, which we already know. That misses the point entirely about judging the utility of the philosophy.

But worse, he used the example of "Christians performed the Holocaust." And Graham didn't correct his historical error.

Hitler was not a Christian. Nazis were not Christians!

Why do people always think they were?

Naziism embraced a crackpot pagan mysticism drawn from Teutonic pre-Christian myths.

(BTW, who freed the slaves? The most ardent abolitionists were those who were most serious about their Christianity. And who were the slavers? Mostly Arab muslims. Who keeps slaves to this day, even when they're in this very country? Our friends, the Saudis. And that's the second case we've heard of recently! Why? Because islam not only doesn't stand against slavery, but it endorses it. You'd think that would be enough for the civil-rights-era liberals to get angry!)

Then Mr. Cooper let loose this whopper, having bought the propaganda whole-heartedly, saying that maybe those who believe in killing for jihad are "twisting" islam and being "un-islamic."

What a fool! He clearly knows nothing about anything.

What CAIR tells you, Anderson, is nothing but taqqiya: calculated lying for strategic advantage.

Here's an example of how ridiculous that "observation" is.

It would be like saying, well sure, the last 100 Popes have all said XYZ, because they believe Jesus supported XYZ; and the policy XYZ had been standard practice for 2000 years; but there's this priest we found running an underground church in China, and he says XYZ is wrong. Maybe that priest represents "true" Christianity! How dare you slander the church for holding opinion XYZ, when clearly only inauthentic so-called Christians believe it!

And then Mr. Cooper, you were suggesting Nazis represented authentic Christians when it suited your argument, when they were even non-Christian pagans!

Why aren't you directing your investigative journalistic power into exposing the terrible social evils promoted by islam, such as slavery?

Slavery in this country, under your nose, Mr. Cooper! Why aren't you making this a scandal half as big as when someone stubs their toe at Gitmo???

SLAVES, people!!!


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