Wednesday, June 22, 2005


First they took away the guns.

Now they take away their freedom of religious-based speech:
A Christian pastor found guilty of vilifying muslims says he is prepared to go to jail in protest over Victoria's racial tolerance laws.
That's funny, I didn't know "muslim" was a "race". I thought it was a belief-system.

Apparently, no matter how heinous its tenets may be, it cannot be criticized. I guess we can't even inquire, if we live in Australia, about what those beliefs may be.
Two pastors involved with the Catch the Fire Ministries were last year found to have vilified Muslims at a Christian conference, and on a website, by suggesting the Koran promotes violence and terrorism.
Well if you read it, that's exactly what it promotes, in black and white, straight from the mouth of the prophet.
The tribunal says an apology is appropriate.
The Tribunal is inappropriate!
It has ordered the pastors to publish a statement acknowledging their legal breach and has requested an undertaking the comments would not be repeated.And as others pointed out, who will judge if the apology is good enough? Will they have to keep doing it until every muslim overlord is satisfied?

Is this not the stuff of nightmarish, kafkaesque show-trials?
Outside the tribunal Pastor Daniel Nalliah said the legislation is flawed.

"I will do everything I can, even if I have to go to prison, to make sure the vilification laws, the religious part of the vilification laws, be removed from the state of Victoria," Pastor Nalliah said.

"Right from the beginning we have stated we will not apologise, we will go to prison for standing for the truth."
Well, for once, a Christian minister who isn't an appeasing namby-pamby.
However the Islamic Council of Victoria has welcomed the ruling.
No doubt.

Keep pushing.

Push push push.

The backlash will be all the stronger.

We hold all the trump cards.


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