Saturday, June 18, 2005

Reviving Hate

Gates of Vienna raises an important topic.

PC has attempted to make hate unfashionable, with limits on "hate speech" and new special categories of Thought Hate Crimes.

This has been a natural outgrowth of the self-loathing of the left, as well as the creation of that fake "right", the "Right to Not be Offended (unless you're white, male, and/or Christian)."

Because then the balkanized victim-groups can whine for handouts, and there's no defense against them because any questioning of motive leads to cries of racism etc.

But you know what? If you banish hate, then we also have no defense against true evil. How can anyone be motivated to take a dangerous, unpopular stand against something very scary unless they can truly hate the evil?

So instead, it creeps in, and society feels paralyzed against it, because we'd have to hate it to fight back.

For example, if you can stomach it, see the faces of these women in Pakistan who have been burned with acid for "offending" islamic customs -- these at least are some who survived this common, quaint cultural practice.

You know what? I HATE the savages that did that.

Dehumanizing and hating the enemy is an ugly thing, but it's also absolutely necessary to muster the will to win. And if we can't muster it, we will lose. The media and the Democrats will see to that!

You also know what? For example, Marines fighting in the brutal Pacific campaigns of WW2 -- the "good" war -- after incinerating japs with flamethrowers, would take their charred skulls and mount them on the front of their tanks.

And they were proud to do so.

And the nation was proud of them.

And nobody in the media raised a peep about how awful and insensitive it was.

Because we knew the horrors of war had to be endured to get to the desired end of Victory, because ultimate decency and the betterment of humanity depended on us winning. And so we did not shrink from the terrible deeds required.

Good thing, too.

But today, too many seem to think they can live in some kind of la-la-land bubble of unreality where if we'rejust nice and obsequious enough and apologize for our past sins enough, then history will leave us alone and life will be all moonbeams and cat's whiskers.

How many innocents will these ignorant cowards and moral pipsqueaks get killed before they get out of the way?

Gates of Vienna has a great post on this topic:
What article in the Constitution forbids an American to hate? Which one of the Ten Commandments says, Thou shalt not hate?

The question is: Are there people or things worth hating?

Let’s just start a little free-lance hater’s list.

I hate the fanatics of the Great Islamic Jihad, the ones who brought down the Twin Towers, the ones who behead people on video and kill innocent women and children without compunction. I hate the brutal totalitarian dictatorships that enable the Jihad, the regimes like those in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Cuba, North Korea, and Zimbabwe.

I hate those barbaric bastards in Muslim societies who terrorize, mutilate, and brutalize women, and do it all with the blessing of their religion.

I hate the fellow-travellers in the West, the dhimmis and the wannabe jihadis, who facilitate the terrorists, who interfere with and pick at and ankle-bite the efforts of our brave soldiers in the war against the Great Jihad.

I hate the fact that our common language has been so debased that words like “gulag” and “holocaust” no longer have any meaning. I hate the fact that we all must dance around what we really want to say, cloaking our intentions with circumlocutions and euphemisms. I hate the fact that objectively considering who our likely killers might be is called “racial profiling”.

I hate the feminist bullies who had an attack of the vapors and emasculated the president of Harvard for daring to suggest the existence of genetic differences between men and women. And I hate Larry Summers for being a coward and rolling over for them, instead of telling them where they could stick their “gender equity”.

I hate the leftist pedagogues in our schools and universities who teach our impressionable young that America is a bad place, run by racist, sexist, and homophobic bigots. I hate the peddlers of discredited ideologies who infiltrate our culture at every level.
I hate people who wear Che Guevara T-shirts.
And above all I hate socialists of all kinds — Fascists, Nazis, Communists, Fabians, Greens, you name it — because they made all the rest of this mess possible by poisoning the well of our political discourse so that their degraded ideology has leached into the soil of the larger culture. I hate the fact that their smug, self-righteous zeal has undermined and threatened the very existence of Western civilization.
So do I.

UPDATE: I stand corrected. There IS one group of people that Democrats, in the words of DNC chairman Howard Dean, have mustered the strength to admit they hate: Republicans.


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