Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Edwards Surrenders

What a stunning disgrace!

Edwards apologizes for 2002 war vote

NEW YORK - Democrat John Edwards said Tuesday that honesty and openness were essential qualities for a president, and that he was proud to acknowledge his 2002 vote authorizing the invasion of Iraq was a mistake.
Well guess what, you can't take back a declaration of war, Johnnie boy, while it's still going on -- without surrendering to your enemies!

Voters, the former North Carolina senator said, "want you to be willing to change course when something's not working. We've had six-plus years now of a president who is completely unwilling to do that."
We've established that a "change of course" that tries harder to win by sending reinforcements is OUT OF THE QUESTION for the Democrats, which leaves only retreat and surrender.

A quitter in a war he himself authorized thinks he should be President?

Could he be any more irresponsible?

Not to mention that authorizing the war was not, in fact, a mistake!

Par for the course from this insincere pretty boy, which we already learned from his recent handling of having hired two controversial far-left bloggers for his campaign, then seeming to fire them -- but only after attempts to edit and sanitize their old blogs failed to hide their true character -- then taking them back after having them recant their previous writings and issue an apology, and then having them ultimately resign.

Because either he's the type that would force his own people to publicly humiliate and repudiate themselves, or more likely, the whole exercise was a knowingly insincere attempt at hollow appeasement of the critics in a sham show of remorse.

Can the man demonstrate even less character and leadership?


Blogger The_Bad said...

I’m not sure which is most pathetic: democrat candidates that are following the lock-step behind Howard Dean and repenting for their sin of war authorization; democrat candidates who were not in office at the time, therefore being able to claim they were never for it to begin with since they never had to go on record; democrat candidates who refuse to repent but state they would have done differently knowing now what they knew then; or Republican candidates that spew democrat talking points in order to appear “moderate” or “centrist”.

Jackals, the lot of them!

11:34 AM, March 01, 2007  

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