Sunday, April 30, 2006

Presidential Comedy

Clips from Bush's White House Press Corps dinner, which was a riot, are here. Click on the image to see the video.

A Bush impersonator stands by and gives the "what Bush is really thinking" commentary as W speaks. Brilliant!


So, tomorrow, May Day, is the big day of Hispanic Supremacy. The commies and islamists are joining in too. Supposedly the goal is for illegal foreigners in this country to not work and not buy anything, and to bring several major cities to a halt.

Yes, let's all support foreign blackmail of our society! Wheee! Everybody's doing it! The idea is we'll decide we have no sovereignty and our border policy can be set by foreigners. Hurray!

California Democrats are apparently in solidarity with the foreigners, and stand against the citizens who elected them. Apparently they have arranged for the Legislature to be closed tomorrow, so instead of doing the work they were hired to do, they are in fact taking orders from foreign agents. Interesting set of priorities. To make it worse, the California Senate has issued a resolution supporting students who walk out of school. Way to be for education!

With any luck though, that would have been the day they were to all be indoctrinated with learn about the important contributions of homosexuals to American History.
The bill, which was passed by a Senate committee Tuesday, would require schools to buy textbooks ``accurately'' portraying ``the sexual diversity of our society.'' More controversially, it could require that students hear history lessons on ``the contributions of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender to the economic, political, and social development of California and the United States of America.''
I mean, imagine that! Government telling people to not work and walk out of school!!! To support the whims of foreigners???

Is that not seditious? Should those politicians not be tarred and feathered if not hanged?

On the other hand, this could be win-win.

I will be splurging to show the commies and our traitorous politicians who wields real economic power. If it indeed hurts us, it will wake a lot of people up. And as others have pointed out, a true reckoning would be for us to also see the savings we'd get by refusing public services to illegals for a day.

How 'bout that, amigo?

Or, who knows, if it's a fizzle, we might realize A Day Without Mexicans isn't the disaster it's made out to be, and decide we really don't need them.

Everytime the anti-Anglo-culture people pull something like this, I just send more $$$ to the Republicans.

I've got any number now of pins, cards, and placards suitable for framing now, for all my contributions.

They're even offering to inscribe my name on a wall at the Ronald Reagan museum!

The House Committee. The Elizabeth Dole Senatorial Committee. The Presidential Committee. The freakin' National Committee.

I've supported them all.

And here's the kicker.

I'm not even a Republican!

I never gave any money to ANYBODY until the 2004 election cycle.

Now I give them oodles of cash and demand they build a fence.

We need a fence!

Axis Online

It's a strange world.

website of member #1.

website of member #2.

Monday, April 24, 2006

New Strategery

I think this little news article could be revealing something with big implications:
WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US military will take an expanded role in the US global "war on terror" under new plans which have reportedly been approved by Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

The plans call for a significantly expanded role for Special Operations troops in operations to combat terrorism outside of war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan, the Washington Post report said quoting unnamed officials.
Note well: "Outside" of the current warzones!

The plan, developed over three years by the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) in Tampa, Florida, increases military involvement in areas traditionally handled by the Central Intelligence Agency and the State Department, the report said.
That is significant. We have seen over these years how both State and the CIA have attempted to undercut the Administration at nearly every turn.

See here for example about the widening revelations concerning fired CIA leaker Mary McCarthy. Be sure to see all the updates at that link! If the Republicans are the "Culture of Corruption", the Democrats are the Culture of Treason...

I've seen many fools, even tv pundits who should know better, asking indignantly, why the "seeming double standard" about it being "ok" for the White House (via Scooter Libby, apparently) to "leak" information, but not for hard-working underlings "speaking Truth to Power" at the CIA or Pentagon or State Department? In other words, isn't the outrage over those latter leaks hypocritical and just outrage over political damage rather than over the moral substance?

To which the answer is a resounding NO, because when the President releases information (which makes it weird to call it a "leak"), it is by definition an authorized declassification, by Constitutional authority.

And by Excecutive Order, it's also authorized when the Vice President does it.

But, duh, when anyone else takes it upon themselves to expose classified information to the press, it's an unauthorized leak, they are commiting a crime, and should be punished.

Why is that so hard to understand? Here's a Congresswoman, for heaven's sake!
The ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee complained on Sunday that the fired CIA employee who leaked classified information to the Washington Post about top secret interrogations of al Qaeda suspects was being held to a higher standard than President Bush.

Asked if she saw similarities between Bush’s decision to share declassified intelligence on Iraq with the media - and CIA leaker Mary McCarthy, Rep. Jane Harman told “Fox News Sunday: “You bet I do.”

“While leaks are wrong, I think it is totally wrong for our president, in secret, to selectively declassify certain information and to empower people in his White House to leak it to favored reporters so they can discredit political enemies,” she griped.
Look at the laws, you idiot! There isn't some OTHER President with the "real" power to declassify things!

But I digress.

More good stuff:
SOCOM has dispatched small teams of Army Green Berets and other Special Operations troops to US embassies in about 20 countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America, where they do operational planning and intelligence gathering, the paper said.

The plan reportedly gives the military leadership leeway to inform -- rather than win the approval of -- the US ambassador in a country before conducting military operations in that country.

Not only are they gutting the involvement of the hopelessly politicized CIA, they are also taking out the meddling of the State department to throw up roadblocks.

I am reminded how we had Mullah Omar in our sites shortly after 9/11, but had to waste time getting approval from a cabal of military lawyers about whether or not using a 2,000-lb bomb to take out the building he was in would be "legal" or not (a ridiculous concept in this context!), and while they dithered he got away.

And finally, in addition to the main broad "general campaign plan",
A second plan is focused specifically on Al-Qaeda and associated movements, including more than a dozen groups spread across the Middle East, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa, according to the report.
The third plan sets out how the military can both disrupt and respond to another major terrorist strike on the United States, The Post said.

It includes annexes that offer options for the military to retaliate quickly against specific groups, individuals or state sponsors depending on who is believed to be behind an attack.

SOCOM has since 2003 been in charge of military planning for the war on terror, declared after the September 11, 2001 strikes. Its annual budget has grown 60 percent to eight billion dollars.
The only question becomes, now that we've got a juicy target list, why wait for an attack?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

People Waking Up

In Belgium,
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - More than 80,000 people marched in silence through Brussels on Sunday in memory of a teenager stabbed to death by two [Muslim] suspects of North African origin in Belgium's biggest protest in 10 years, police said.
The story tries hard to sweep the real issues under the rug. This is not some vague protest against "crime" in general, but about crime by islamic invaders.

In my first encounter with this story, the report included the astounding assertion that the police investigating had been most concerned with determining whether or not the victim had said anything racially to provoke the attack!

Well it appears 80,000 people are tired of PC nonsense.

And in France, there is some plain speaking:
PARIS (Reuters) - A far-right French politician launched his 2007 presidential campaign on Sunday denouncing what he called the Islamisation of the country and declaring Islam incompatible with France's secular values.

In a weird subtext to this story, we have this alarming revelation:
The daily Le Parisien, in an extensive report on Sunday on Villiers' charges about Islamist radicals at Charles de Gaulle airport, quoted officials saying the problem was minimal and suspicious workers were kept under surveillance.

Aware of the book's imminent publication, Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy and Justice Minister Dominique Perben toured the airport on Thursday and said only 122 of about 83,000 ground staff were being watched.

"There aren't 122, there are hundreds," said Villiers, quoting what he said were top secret police reports he used as the basis for his book and challenging Sarkozy to publish them.
So they actually ADMIT there are islamist radicals working the airport, but it's "only" 122 of them!

And they let them still work there?

It's insanity.

The Villiers plan has some wonderful points:
Villiers said Islam was incompatible with the country's democratic system because he said it demanded loyalty to the ummah (world Muslim community) over any individual state, wanted to impose sharia Islamic law and promoted jihad, or holy war.

"I think there are moderate Muslims, they are even the large majority, but I do not believe there is a moderate Islam," he said. "I do not think Islam is compatible with the French republic."

Saying France had to fight what he called its Islamisation, he said Paris should stop all mosque construction, impose a citizen's charter demanding the strict separation of religion and state and freedom to change religions and demand strict respect for the equality of men and women.

It should also ban all Islamist organizations suspected of links to terrorism and expel any persons threatening the security of the French population.
Sounds good to me.

And here's an interesting 98-minute movie:
ISLAM: What the West Needs to Know

An examination of Islam, violence, and the fate of the non-Muslim world.
The Main Idea of the Film is
Virtually every major Western leader has over the past several years expressed the view that Islam is a peaceful religion and that those who commit violence in its name are fanatics who misinterpret its tenets. This claim, while widely circulated, rarely attracts serious public examination. Relying primarily on Islam’s own sources, this documentary demonstrates that Islam is a violent, expansionary ideology that seeks the destruction or subjugation of other faiths, cultures, and systems of government.
We are told,
The film premiered at the American Film Renaissance’s Hollywood Film Festival in January.

Coming this summer.
Watch for it!

And climbing the charts, now at #115 in sales at Amazon, is this book by the runner of
The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades)
by Robert Spencer

For other relevant books, see here.

More and more people finding out the Truth, every day!

The Beholder

Prof. Hanson makes a great point:
War-torn Iraq has about 26 million residents, a peaceful California perhaps now 35 million. The former is a violent and impoverished landscape, the latter said to be paradise on Earth. But how you envision either place to some degree depends on the eye of the beholder and is predicated on what the daily media appear to make of each.

As a fifth-generation Californian, I deeply love this state, but still imagine what the reaction would be if the world awoke each morning to be told that once again there were six more murders, 27 rapes, 38 arsons, 180 robberies, and 360 instances of assault in California — yesterday, today, tomorrow, and every day. I wonder if the headlines would scream about “Nearly 200 poor Californians butchered again this month!”

How about a monthly media dose of “600 women raped in February alone!” Or try, “Over 600 violent robberies and assaults in March, with no end in sight!” Those do not even make up all of the state’s yearly 200,000 violent acts that law enforcement knows about.
Much is made of the inability to patrol Iraq’s borders with Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey. But California has only a single border with a foreign nation, not six. Yet over 3 million foreigners who snuck in illegally now live in our state. Worse, there are about 15,000 convicted alien felons incarcerated in our penal system, costing about $500 million a year. Imagine the potential tabloid headlines: “Illegal aliens in state comprise population larger than San Francisco!” or “Drugs, criminals, and smugglers given free pass into California!”

Every year, over 4,000 Californians die in car crashes — nearly twice the number of Americans lost so far in three years of combat operations in Iraq. In some sense, then, our badly maintained roads, and often poorly trained and sometimes intoxicated drivers, are even more lethal than Improvised Explosive Devices. Perhaps tomorrow’s headline might scream out at us: “300 Californians to perish this month on state highways! Hundreds more will be maimed and crippled!”
So is California comparable to Iraq? Hardly. Yet it could easily be sketched by a reporter intent on doing so as a bank rupt, crime-ridden den with murderous highways, tens of thousands of inmates, with wide-open borders.
Many would love to see the Iraq project fail, with the MSM's defeatism never more apparent with headlines along the lines of as "Attacks continue despite selection of Prime Minister", to create feelings of futility, as if magically they would all suddenly stop. That point of view is all the more infantile as the gloominess is largely of their own determined making, as VDH shows above.

As for the much heralded (and wished for) "Civil War" in Iraq, Belmont Club notes that Iraq was in an unreported Civil War since long before the invasion, and that we've merely changed the balance of power and hopefully can create conditions for some political solution.

And the jihadist/Baathist military insurgency was basically defeated months ago. What remains are tribal feuds and a political struggle.

Some have pointed out that there are hints we and the new Iraqi government will have to soon move against the militias, and it will look like chaos and conflict breaking out again when it's really the endgame. We are warned that the MSM will spin it as a sign of defeat, like they did with the Tet offensive. So don't believe them.

The REAL Civil War, which the MSM doesn't want to name, is in the Palestinian Territories, ha ha ha:
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Violent clashes and mass protests erupted Saturday across the West Bank and Gaza Strip between followers of the militant group Hamas and Fatah rivals, after a Hamas leader accused Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of treachery.
Watch for this to escalate.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Relative Holiness

Compare and contrast the relative holiness!

Whichever one of you has committed no sin may throw the first stone at her. Where are they? Is there no one left to condemn you? Well, then, I do not condemn you either. Go, but do not sin again.
Now, this second example, which is six centuries "more advanced"...
Sahi Muslim, Book 017, 4206
There came to him (the Holy Prophet) a woman from Ghamid and said: Allah's Messenger, I have committed adultery, so purify me. He (the Holy Prophet) turned her away. On the following day she said: Allah's Messenger, Why do you turn me away? Perhaps, you turn me away as you turned away Ma'iz. By Allah, I have become pregnant. He said: Well, if you insist upon it, then go away until you give birth to (the child). When she was delivered she came with the child (wrapped) in a rag and said: Here is the child whom I have given birth to. He said: Go away and suckle him until you wean him. When she had weaned him, she came to him (the Holy Prophet) with the child who was holding a piece of bread in his hand. She said: Allah's Apostle, here is he as I have weaned him and he eats food. He (the Holy Prophet) entrusted the child to one of the Muslims and then pronounced punishment.

And she was put in a ditch up to her chest and he commanded people and they stoned her. Khalid b Walid came forward with a stone which he flung at her head and there spurted blood on the face of Khalid and so he abused her...Then giving command regarding her, he (The Holy Prophet) prayed over her and she was buried.
...Just like they still do today, following the prophet's Holy teachings!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Necronomicon?!

My guess is it's the Necronomicon:
Ancient Book May Be Covered in Human Skin
LONDON - A 300-year-old book that appears to be bound in human skin has been found in northern England, police said Saturday.

The macabre discovery was made on a central street in Leeds, and officers said the ledger may have been dumped following a burglary.
Or, more likely, the thief was dragged away by a Shoggoth.
In a brief statement, West Yorkshire police said the ledger, which contained handwriting in black ink, appears to date back to the 1700s, and they appealed to anyone who may be able to help identify the owners of the item to contact authorities.

West Yorkshire Police put two photographs of the book on their Web site, but officers were unable on Saturday to answer any questions about it, including the book's subject matter.
Can't, or won't?

As if the world weren't turning Lovecraftian enough.

Maybe that's why so many people these days seem to be gripped by insanity.
ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn
In R'lyeh dead Cthulhu lies dreaming.
Perhaps for not much longer?